OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating a possible assault near Warr Acres. 

Warr Acres Police received a call regarding a hit-and-run vehicle in Oklahoma City early Tuesday morning. Police spotted a vehicle matching the description near Northwest 39th Street and MacArthur Boulevard around 3:00 a.m. Police said the vehicle was dragging its bumper. 

When officers pulled the driver over, two women in the car told police they were at the Lamplight Apartments in Oklahoma City when a man started shooting at them. The women said they fled to McDonald's at the corner of Northwest 39th Street and MacArthur Boulevard where they claimed the suspect followed them and pinned them in the parking lot.

The driver said she rammed the suspect’s vehicle in an effort to get away. 

McDonalds employees told police they witnessed the crash and said at one point they saw the suspect chase the two women around the parking lot. 

Police said they plan to review surveillance video taken from the restaurant. 

No arrests have been made.