MOORE, Oklahoma - A Moore family is healing after a man was arrested for brutally beating his own mother.

Jeffrey Nelson, the grandson of the victim, says it’s been a tough week.

“I've had to put on the strong face but for her. We're just worried about my grandmother,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey says his grandmother called him Wednesday.

“She said she was beaten up. Of course, my head is spinning, I don't know what to expect,” Jeffrey said.

What he found was worse than he could have expected.

His grandmother beaten beyond recognition and the suspect was her own son, David Nelson.

Jeffrey said his uncle David took off before police could arrive.

The family spent the next two days spreading the word on Facebook.

“It kept getting momentum and more momentum. I was actually really glad because someone was bound to run into him,” Jeffrey said.

Someone did.

David was arrested Friday and booked in the Cleveland County Jail on an aggravated assault charge.

His nephew says it isn’t his first time behind bars, but Jeffrey’s hoping this is the last time David hurts someone.

Meanwhile, his grandmother has been sent flowers and cards from people who saw the Facebook post.

Jeffrey says the Moore Police Department has also stepped in to help.

“They have been here every day, checking up on her making sure that she's ok,” Jeffrey said.

The family says they do feel safer with David behind bars, but some bruises will take more time to heal.

“Even though he hurt her physically, the emotion part is going to take a minute,” Jeffrey said.