CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Michael Glenn Nelson, 43, has been booked into the Cleveland County Jail, accused of robbing Moore’s Credit Union Service Center May 25th at 9 a.m.

Officers raced to the scene, near 12th and Janeway Avenue, and soon found Nelson about a block away.

Body camera footage captures Nelson’s arrest as investigators found two knives and a bag of money tucked into his shorts.

“Once he robbed the bank, he went into a vacant house, took off some clothes, hid that and then just walked out onto Janeway passed one of the officers,” says SGT. Jeremy Lewis of Moore Police.

Officers doubled back to the house after taking Nelson into custody and say they found more evidence inside.

Officials were able to identify the suspect because of a pair of glasses he was wearing, as well as other clothing, that matched video surveillance taken inside the credit union.

“It's a federal crime. He got to deal with the FBI, but in my time here...I never seen us catch a bank robber that quick. They're usually caught, but it's usually days even weeks later. This was within 30 minutes of him robbing the bank,” says SGT. Lewis.

Nelson has drug-related charges in several Oklahoma counties.

Just weeks before the credit union robbery, he was in jail again.

Court documents state on May 3rd, Nelson stole a pick-up and trailer in Cleveland County.

Officers say he mentioned his previous crimes during his arrest.

“He had made comments that he needed money for some future court dates and attorneys and things like that,” Lewis says. “At first he denied it, but then he finally just broke down and admitted that he just has a problem.

All of the money was recovered according to investigators.

Nelson’s bond is set at $100,000 in relation to the robbery.