OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman is accused of smearing human waste in an Oklahoma City police car and trying to blow the waste onto an officer after she was arrested on a public drunkenness complaint.

Italy Donshay Goudeau, 24, was arrested Thursday evening on complaints of public drunkenness, obstructing an officer, possession of marijuana, failure to use a sidewalk where provided and attempted throwing of human waste.

Police were called about 6:05 p.m. Thursday to the 2000 block of NE 28 Street in reference to a burglary. When Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA) and police officers arrived, a woman claimed her "cousins" who were staying with her took things from her when they left. 

The OCHA officers said they cleared the home and thought the reporting party was under the influence of narcotics. The police officer said in the incident report the woman was very fidgety, was constantly moving, was talking very fast and was rambling which he said are signs of methamphetamine use. 

The woman began cursing at the officers and refused to go back inside the home, claiming someone was inside it. She began walking in the street and the officer said he warned her to get back on the sidewalk. 

The officer arrested the woman and placed her inside his patrol vehicle. While she was inside the vehicle, she reportedly defecated in the car, the incident report said.

While on the way to the Oklahoma City jail, the woman reportedly took off her top and began smearing the feces on the plastic part and shoved feces through the metal cage in the patrol car, according to the report.

The officer said the woman attempted to blow the feces through the metal cage onto the front of the patrol car. The officer said he placed a brown bag to avoid having the feces being blown onto him. 

Goudeau was booked into the Oklahoma County jail.