CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Canadian County sheriff’s deputies seized more than 30 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop.

Authorities say Laron Smith, 34, and Jermaine Hutchinson, 31, were driving eastbound on I-40 when a deputy noticed Smith weaving between lanes around 2 a.m. Thursday, May 17, near Garth Brooks Blvd. at Yukon.

The deputy initiated a traffic stop and made contact with Smith who was driving the vehicle. Smith apologized to the deputy for his erratic driving and said it was due to being tired, because he was traveling from Arlington, Texas, according to report.

Deputies say Hutchinson stated the two had been to California. Both men were placed into the deputy’s patrol car as a K9 drug dog searched the vehicle, which resulted in a positive alert for illegal drugs.

As deputies were opening the trunk of the car, Smith and Hutchinson reportedly jumped out of the patrol car and fled the scene.

The deputies called for assistance and were able to quickly apprehend Smith who was found hiding between 50-pound bags of mulch in a Lowes parking lot. Hutchison was later located and arrested on Friday, May 25.

Officials say 14 vacuum sealed bags of marijuana, stuffed inside a plastic tub with clothes on top, were in the trunk of the vehicle.

Both Smith and Hutchinson are convicted felons, authorities said. They have been charged with trafficking marijuana (after a former conviction) and conspiracy and escaping from custody. Smith was taken to the Canadian County Jail. Hutchinson remains in Muskogee County Jail awaiting transportation to the Canadian County Jail.

Their bonds are set at $220,000.