OKLAHOMA CITY - It’s been two years and Patricia Jackson still doesn’t know who killed her son inside his Oklahoma City townhome.

Joseph Jackson, 42, was found around 5:30 a.m., inside his garage at the Rockwell Gardens Townhomes.

Police said Jackson was fatally shot and a shell casing was found near his body.

“Sometimes I wake up, tears coming down out of my eyes and I don't know...I don't even remember crying,” says Patricia Jackson. “When I got that phone call, and it said that police asked me a couple of questions. I don't remember what the questions was, and they said I am sorry to inform you that he passed away this morning.”

Patricia says when her son was murdered, the killer stole her life too.

She lives near Chicago and says her home is loaded down with her son's belongings.

Years later, she can't open her closet, go to her garage, or even hang a picture of her son.

It’s too painful.

“I have a space on my wall for his picture, but I just can't put it up. I have his obituary. It's in my bedroom closet. I don't even go in that closet. I just can't do it,” says Patricia. “I pray to the lord, why don't you just come and take me. I am 63 years old. I did everything I wanted to do. Joseph had ambition. He had goals.”

She says her son was a barber in OKC, with a few shops.

He was known to cut kids hair for free at the start of the school year.

Patricia says after two years, police aren't giving up and she isn't either.

Both are hopeful witnesses will come forward.

“I want them to realize that true enough, this is my child this time, but it could be their child, their loved one's the next time and they are going to want someone to come forward,” Patricia says.

A cash reward is possible in the case for those who contact OKCPD homicide tip line at 405-297-1200 .

News 9 checked for any criminal history involving Joseph Jackson.

Online court records show he received a deferred sentence for crimes in 2004 out of Tulsa County. Also, a deferred sentence in 2014 for possessing counterfeit goods in Oklahoma County.