OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police released new reports on the man who opened fire last week at Louie's on Lake Hefner patrons.

The reports indicate Alex Tilghman, 28, was a victim of alleged sexual abuse. The reports were filed when Tilghman was 3 and 12 years old. 

The first report was filed in September 1993 by Tilghman's mother, Heather Tilghman. Her son was 3 years old when she told police the hired babysitter sexually assaulted him in April 1993. The babysitter watched him twice that month at their northwest Oklahoma City home.  

The suspect, only named in the report once as "Kim," was a teacher at a Nichols Hills daycare Tilghman attended. Tilghman's mother reported her son told her the babysitter patted his private parts twice while he was sitting in a chair in their family’s den. 

The report does not indicate the female suspect was arrested. It also states the mother filed another report with the Nichols Hills Police Department because there were possible incidents at the daycare.

News 9 requested the information, but the Nichols Hills police chief said he could not locate the records that were filed more than two decades ago. 

The second report was filed in October 2002 by a Oklahoma Department of Human Services child welfare worker. 

The caseworker reported to Oklahoma City police that 12-year-old Tilghman was the victim of possible child abuse. The report did not give any further details of the alleged abuse. 

News 9 contacted DHS for the paperwork. Agency officials said the legal department will have to approve the release of child welfare records. If the DHS records are approved for release, it could take several more days to receive the report. 

Nichols Hills police said they will also continue to search for any related records.