OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police have many questions about a double homicide that happened Friday night.

Neighbor Jose Valesco says he knew something was going on when he saw a swarm of police cars at his apartment complex.

“He said somebody died. That's what the police said,” Valesco said.

Police found two people dead in the Windsong Village Apartments near Walker and Southwest 74th Street.

“Officers found a man and a woman that were deceased inside the apartment here in the complex. There was a couple of other family members that were present in the apartment when the homicide occurred,” Oklahoma City Police Lt. Jeff Flaggert said.

Officers haven’t released the names of those involved yet, but say they are not looking for a suspect, although they haven’t confirmed an arrest.

Police say some older teens were in the apartment at the time of the crime.        

“I don't know how they're related if they're part of the male half female half. Distant relatives. I don't know how they are,” Flaggert said.

As for Valesco, he’s hoping police patrol the area more after this tragedy.

Oklahoma City Police say more details will be released Tuesday.