OKLAHOMA CITY - Dinnertime was interrupted for at least 100 people when shots began flying at Louie's on the Lake Thursday night. In the chaos, many people ran for their lives, dropping everything.

Once police did the initial processing of the massive crime scene, they were able to collect the personal property left behind and return it to the rightful owners. Louie's patrons showed a sense of relief to get back to a semblance of normalcy, getting to put their hands on the items they take for granted in daily life like purses, keys, phones and sunglasses.

Life seems all the more sweet now, after looking down the barrel of death.

Brandi and David Duden say, “We immediately knew what it was. It was clear that it was not fireworks. A lot of people thought it was fireworks, but we knew immediately. It just sounds different.”

Brandi Duden broke her toe running from the scene, but officers tried to help witnesses like her laugh it off.

“Your bill came to $42,” one detective joked.

Duden responded, “That’s no fair! I didn’t even get to drink my beer!”

The homicide unit gathered all the personal items from the restaurant, but patrons also had to return to the scene of the crime to retrieve their cars, with vivid memories of the shooting still fresh.

“I saw the guy pointing at everybody, just staying covered and everybody was looking for the exit doors,” said Gustavo Moreno.

Maribeth White said, “I didn’t know how many there were, where they were coming from, we were just trying to run.”

The witnesses are grateful for those who took action to save lives, and the officers who arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.

“I kept my distance, but I was just like ‘sir, sir, those are the good guys,’” said Ron Benton.

Police only have one pair of sunglasses left that have yet to be claimed. If you think they could be yours, call (405) 297-1126 for further instructions.