OKLAHOMA CITY - The primary campaign season is getting ugly with Republican candidates for attorney general both accusing each other of lying, and both demanding News 9 and other stations pull campaign commercials from the air.

The campaigns for Mike Hunter and Gentner Drummond both sent News 9 letters, demanding to stop airing ads slamming each other.

In an ad Republican challenger Gentner Drummond is airing, the announcer is claiming incumbent Attorney General Mike Hunter worked as a lobbyist and donated money to liberal democrats, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and former Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

"The truth is Mike Hunter authorized contributions to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid out of the PAC that he worked for. It's convenient for Mr. Hunter to deny that but the bylaws speak for themselves,” said Drummond Campaign Consultant Trebor Worthen.

Hunters campaign says that’s not true. In the letter sent to News 9, the campaign said, ““Mr. Hunter did not direct or control any contributions from his former employers and to insinuate that an employer’s contributions are equivalent to personal contributions is a patent falsehood.”

Worthen laughed, responding, “I guess only a Washington DC lobbyist could come up with an excuse like that."

Drummonds campaign also demanded News 9 stop airing an ad that said Drummond tried to seize a young widows life insurance settlement. The Drummond campaign said that’s not true.

Management at News 9 released a statement saying, “News 9 is airing both ads in accordance with guidelines set by the federal communications commission”.