OKLAHOMA CITY - A pit bull attack on an Oklahoma City police officer on May 20 was caught on camera.

Police released the officer’s body-worn camera video on Thursday.

An argument between a married couple at a home on the southwest side of the metro quickly turned into a dog attack.

The officers responding to the domestic situation warned the resident, Sherelle Johnson, to not let her 3-year-old dog Thor outside.

The front door was barely open, and the dog came charging out, straight at Officer Trevor Wauters.

“It knocked the officer to the ground,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “And began biting his leg.”

Wauters attempted to Taser the dog, but the less-lethal weapon was not strong enough to stun the large dog.  

Police said the other officers on scene had no choice but to shoot the dog. They fired several rounds, eventually killing the dog in the front yard. 

“This dog turned violent,” said Knight. “Turned aggressive and actually attacked one of the officers and had to be shot in order to save the officer’s life.”

Clearly in pain in the video, Officer Wauters was transported from the scene to a local hospital with a dog bite to his left leg.

Johnson said she is devastated to lose her pet. Some neighbors were surprised the gunshots they heard that Sunday morning were fired at a dog.

“Actually, we did not know they had pit bulls out there,” said Trinidad Oviedo, neighbor.  

Officer Wauters is the third Oklahoma City officer in three days to be bit by a pit bull while on duty. In both attacks the dogs were shot and killed.

Officer Wauters is still recovering from the bite to his leg. He has not been medically cleared to return to full duty and is on restricted duty.