DEER CREEK, Oklahoma - A metro high school senior prank goes terribly wrong and is now under investigation as vandalism.

A Deer Creek high school teacher was injured this week on a dangerous mix of oil and eggs spread on the floors.

School officials have confirmed two high school students broke into the school Monday morning and are responsible for the damage.

"When employees entered the school yesterday morning,” said Mark Opgrande, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “They found eggs strewn around the floors, on the walls and on the ceiling.”

School staff also found toilet paper everywhere. When deputies came out to the high school to begin the investigation, they found ice melt and cleaning chemicals throughout the hallways.

“Whether it is a senior prank or not,” said Opgrande. “This is simply vandalism and also breaking and entering.”

Deer Creek students and parents took to social media, posting about one of the teachers they say slipped and fell on a mixture of oil and eggs. They also posted the teacher suffered a concussion from the fall. 

Deer Creek district officials did not confirm the teacher's injuries, but did say this in a statement issued Tuesday:  

"We are extremely disappointed in this vandalism as it was harmful to employees and caused damage to the building."

School administrators are working with law enforcement to identify the students responsible and hold them accountable.

“Our investigators are combing through the information right now,” said Opgrande. “Talking to individuals trying to find, determine who is responsible for this.”

School officials are calculating the cost of the damage but have not released an estimate.