DEER CREEK, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after Deer Creek High School was vandalized early Monday morning.

According to the report, when school employees arrived they discovered toilet paper and broken eggs on the ground, walls and ceilings.

Deputies said they also found ice melt and cleaning chemicals in the hallway.

The sheriff’s office says its working with the Deer Creek School District Administrators to hold two students, they believe are responsible for the incident, accountable for the “illegal actions”.

Deer Creek Asst. Superintendent Lenis DeRieux released the following statement Tuesday afternoon: 

Two High School students broke into Deer Creek High School in the early hours on Monday, May 21, 2018 and vandalized the school.  We are extremely disappointed in this vandalism as it was harmful to employees and caused damage to the building.  The administration is working with law enforcement to hold these students accountable.