LEXINGTON, Oklahoma - Storms moved through Oklahoma late last night into Sunday morning. The storm produced up to 80 mph winds, causing widespread damage in Cleveland and McClain Counties.

“It pretty much just took out half of the church,” said Stephen Edwards with the General Assembly and Church of the First Born in Lexington.

Straight-line winds up to 80 miles per hour ripped off sections of the General Assembly and Church of the First Born, throwing pieces of it across the street.

“There's some structural damage,” Edwards said. “The whole front wall of the church, it's moved from the foundation.”

Bob Mills Sky News 9 shows a bird's eye view of the damage path which spanned over 10 miles from southwest Purcell to northeast Lexington.

“More wind than I’ve ever seen in my life,” remarked Terri Jackson of Purcell.

People in the path of the storm, like Jackson, woke up to no power and still in disbelief of the what had happened overnight.

“I was trying to hold it with my foot to keep a little bit where I could see and it was pushing it, was pushing the whole door,” Jackson remembered.

In the storms wake was a lot of debris, trees split in half, some uprooted, and thrown onto cars and homes. The ferocious wind blew roofs off of buildings and homes. Twisted sheets of metal were found scattered across neighborhoods and roadways.

“The sound of the storm was very violent,” Edwards remembers. “Our home was shaking. It was scary, it was very scary.”

Neighbors spent the day helping neighbors clean up as crews worked to restore power. Salvaging what they can, including the pews, church members say they have an alternate place to worship.

“It was quite a shock but we're gonna pick up the pieces and go on,” Edwards said. “It's gonna be just fine.”

No injuries were reported in the storms.