NOBLE, Oklahoma - In the wake of a tragedy, one Oklahoma business says it may have the tool to help prevent further violence. 

The 4S project, See Somethings, Say Something has spent three years in software development. Each day, thousands of webpages are scanned to identify law enforcement and schools of where the next danger could be. 

"It's an instantaneous notification. As soon as the system detects a threat, or anything it perceives as a threat, it automatically alerts all the agencies in that area. And of course, it continues to be an information gathering tool at that point," said John Vogt, CEO of Prove My Profile LLC. 

Friday morning in Santa Fe, Texas, investigators say 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis walked into the school with his father's shotgun  and revolver and opened fire. Later investigators found pipe bombs and pressure cookers inside the school and at nearby locations. 

"Our objective has always been, if we could save one childs life, everything that we have done is worth it," said Vogt. 

Vogt's technology detects information by setting up a geographical perimiter for subscribers, picking up on pictures, texts and audio. Then, the 4S technology alerts local agencies. 

The company is based in Noble, Oklahoma, and people can make anonymous tips, reporting issues themselves. 

"Anything that is accessible on the public internet can be picked-up by this," Vogt said, "I have a daughter in public schools, and her security and her safety is extremely important to me. There is no reason to have situations like this developing if the technology exists to avoid it," he continued. 

Vogt said on average, school districts pay $49 a month for the service. 

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