GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - A Guthrie man is warning against a hot tub repairman who was the subject of a News 9 investigation seven years ago. 

Kirk Stroup says he paid Frank Jescavage of “The Pool and Spa Guys” $1,000 in December to fix a leak and replace a couple of temperature controls. Stroup says Jescavage came out to his house one time in March, tore out part of the hot tub, and has done nothing else. 

News 9’s Amanda Taylor uncovered several complaints against Jescavage back in April of 2011. 

Stroup says Jescavage did him wrong.

“In this same time frame, I lost my dad, and he knew that. And he knew I was having health issues, and uh, he’s just a con man,” Stroup said. 

Jescavage told News 9 Friday evening that he plans to go to Stroup’s house next week and fix his hot tub.