NOBLE, Oklahoma - The suspect in a shootout with U.S. Marshals Thursday, Daniel T. Johnson was accused of a number of federal crimes.

Cody Hawkins, a man that lives near Johnson's property in Noble says he was hiding in plain sight. 

The shootout took place near the Noble home, during a failed attempt to arrest Johnson on a federal warrant. 

Documents show in February of last year, Johnson and his brother were indicted for growing marijuana and printing thousands of dollars counterfeit money. 

They were allegedly operating out of a simple rented office and a home in Oklahoma City.

When the charges came down his brother was arrested, but Johnson went on the run.

His home in Noble is reportedly one of a few he owned or rented in the metro area.

“It’s always so peaceful out here,” Hawkins said.

That peace ended yesterday, when U.S. Marshals tried to apprehend Johnson. 

Sources say he was followed by unmarked cars. 

Johnson reportedly got out of his car and began firing at law enforcement with an AR 15, injuring two U.S. Marshals. Laws enforcement fired back, and Johnson died.

“I’m glad they got him, and it’s unfortunate that the cops got shot and he got shot but I understand,” Hawkins said.

Things were far from calm even after Johnson was shot. Investigators found a bomb in his car and safely detonated it.

“I wonder why he had the bomb, if he was on a mission to do something,” Hawkins said.

Investigators searched two other properties related to Johnson Thursday, in Norman and Canadian County just outside Oklahoma City.

The names of the U.S. Marshals involved have not yet been released.