OKLAHOMA CITY - Sean O'Grady -- Oklahoma City's first and only boxing world champion -- describing Alex Saucedo -- perhaps OKC's next world champ.

"In his career there's not been one minute that's been boring," O'Grady said. "Everyone of his fights is outstanding he gives as much as he takes."

"It's always been my dream to become Oklahoma's next champion," Alex Saucedo.

But, before any world championship fight happens -- Saucedo will first look to stay unbeaten in his hometown -- June 30th at Chesapeake Arena.

"It motivates me every time I think about fighting there," Saucedo said. "So many people watching me fight that night. That's why I'm getting myself so ready."

Now Saucedo has not only been training for his upcoming bout at Chesapeake Arena, he's also been preparing to become a US Citizen.

"It's been a lot of hours that I've been studying because there's a test that you have to take," Saucedo said. "I have to take some time out of the day and study for my test."

Born in Mexico, Saucedo came to OKC when he was seven years old.

"It's something I've always dreamed of, being a citizen and representing my city 100 percent," Saucedo said.

He plans to take the test following the fight next month. So for Saucedo, both a world championship -- and US Citizenship -- is within reach. Never a boring moment, for this guy.