OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are investigating allegations of sexual battery at an elementary school in northeast Oklahoma City.

Authorities say elementary school teacher, 34-year-old Kiera Smith is accused of sexually assaulting another teacher, May 3, at Martin Luther King Elementary School located in the 1200 block of NE 48th St.

The victim told officials that she was standing in front of the office with her back towards the door when she heard the door open. She said she suddenly felt a hand go between her legs from behind, groping her vagina and rectum, according to court records.

When the victim turned around she stated that it was Smith who had grabbed her.

The victim told investigators that when she asked Smith why she had groped her, Smith replied, “I was gonna see what your response was going to be and it should have been this,” and proceeded to act as if she was going to hit or slap someone.  

The victim reported the incident to the school principal.

Authorities obtained surveillance video of the front office from the day of the incident and reported that the cameras showed Smith walking up closely behind the victim, the victim turned around and quickly bent over. After a conversation between Smith and the victim, the footage showed Smith raising her hand.

According to reports the victim has received counseling due to the incident saying that she is fearful of leaving her classroom and seeing the suspect.

Oklahoma City Public Schools sent a letter to notify parents of the arrest and ongoing investigation saying in part that:

District teams are fully cooperating with authorities and OKCPS will take action as needed once internal and external investigations are complete.

Smith was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail Wednesday on one count of sexual battery.