OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's 130-plus tribal casinos take in more than $2 billion in gaming revenue annually and with this week's Supreme Court ruling on sports betting, it could soon be more.

Sheila Morago summed up her reaction to Monday's 6-3 ruling, essentially legalizing sports wagering, with one word - Wow!

It's not like casino gaming is struggling in Oklahoma. The state has more tribal gaming facilities -135, according to the Gaming Commission, than any other state. And with the exception of 2014, gaming revenues have increased every year for more than a decade.

Now comes an opportunity to give patrons another gaming option, betting on sports.

But, for that to happen, each state will have to authorize it statutorily.

Oklahoma lawmakers came close to doing it this session with a House Bill, allowing ball and dice games at casinos. Originally, it included a provision to legalize sports wagering, but it was removed.

Morago said, if the Legislature does eventually approve it, it will then be on the tribes to implement it.

Depending on what happens with the medical marijuana state question vote next month, the Legislature could be back for, yes, another special session in July. And it's not out of the question that they could take up the legalization of sports betting then, rather than waiting until next year.