OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced Monday the sad passing of the longest working bomb dog in their history.

Nitro who was nearly age 12 and had worked for 10 years starting in 2008 passed away just before his official retirement. Nitro was a mostly all black German Shepherd, born in 2006 in Slovakia.

Nitro had a very busy and colorful career during which his handler was LT. Mike Norman. He had nearly 1,000 calls for service and thousands of training searches.

Some highlights of his career included sweeps for concerts such as KISS , U2, numerous dignitary sweeps including three presidents and visiting first ladies, numerous bomb threats, OU and OSU football games, NBA games and much more.

“Nitro will be missed and will never be forgotten,” said the OHP on their FB page. The bomb squad has a plaque hanging in the office of all the past K9s and now Nitro will take his place on that wall of fame.

“RIP Nitro and thank you for being such a great partner and for your service to Oklahoma,” troops said.