OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman who lost her arm after she was mauled by four pit bulls Saturday continues to recover. We know the pit bulls have attacked people before and just how serious one of those attacks was, as that victim filed a lawsuit against the dogs’ owners and their landlord Thursday.

The dogs’ owners lived on NE 29th Street.  At least they did until late Wednesday night, when neighbors say they packed up their stuff into a U-Haul and moved away to avoid criminal charges.

And those could be filed. Teri Cosby, 54, was mauled by four pit bulls that came out of the back yard. She lost her arm because of the attack, and doctors may have to also remove her leg.

Less than a year ago, plumber Steve Onley was walking up to the house to do some repairs when the same dogs went after him, nearly killing him.

"Got about half way in the yard and I seen the dog looking at me through the storm door. So, I just turned around and walked away. I wasn't going to go up there and as soon as I turned my back he busted through the door,” said Onley.

The dogs attacked, clamping on to Onley’s arm.

The dogs’ owner, Tanya Franklin, called them off and Onley drove himself to the hospital.

"By then got two arteries in my arm and the blood was pumping so I knew I had to do something,” said Onley.

Doctors told Onley if he had waited for an ambulance he would have bled to death. He almost lost his arm.

Onley’s attorney gave News 9 a tape of a call Onley made to Franklin after the attack where she apologizes.

“I mean, I cannot explain how sorry I am,” Franklin told him.

But when investigators called, she changed her tune.

“First of all, Mister Steve trespassed. Mister Steve didn’t have no reason to come to my house,” Franklin told the investigator. “I don’t live in the best neighborhood. My husband is a felon, so I can’t own any weapons. So that’s my security.”

"Really? Totally Steve’s fault?” Onley’s attorney, Chris Sloan said. “He's going up to the front door. He hasn't even knocked on the door yet and he's getting attacked. This could be a kid. This could be somebody delivering the mail."

OKC Animal Welfare did not seize the dogs then, because Onley didn’t sign a “Dangerous Dog” order. He said he didn’t know he was supposed to, and the report doesn’t say whether that was explained to him.

"I have to assume that the officer did give that option to him. That officer's no longer here. But typically, that's procedure for officers,” said Jon Gary with OKC Animal Welfare.

But Onley said, if he had the choice, the dogs that attacked him would have been put down. "The lady that got it this time shouldn't have got it. Something should have been done after I got bit. But obviously, nothing was."

News 9 tried to call Franklin on the phone. She didn’t just move out of her home, she also changed her phone number.