HARRAH, Oklahoma - A Harrah father is accused of killing his daughters' two dogs. The teen told Oklahoma County investigators he was angry because she did not clean up after dinner.

A fight broke out Tuesday night between Jeffrey Edwards, 35, and his 17-year-old daughter. The report said Edwards lashed out because the dishes were not done and the was house not cleaned.

“She left the house to stay with her mom and then then when she came back in the morning,” said Mark Opgrande, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “Someone else who was there told her, her dad had shot both of her dogs and dumped them down by the river.”

Edwards is accused of shooting his daughter's golden retriever, also a trained therapy dog and her 9-month-old hound mix.

Investigators said Edwards shot the dogs and put the bodies in the bed of his daughter's truck to move them. The next day she saw dried blood all over the truck.

The teen's mother said her daughter is horrified and scarred for life.

“The mother called 911 in the morning relaying the information that the daughter told her,” said Opgrande.

Investigators searched the heavily wooded property and near the river, and eventually they discovered the beloved pets. A warrant was issued for Edwards arrest the same day.

Officials said the investigation is not over, the dogs were sent away to be examined. 

“Actually, sent them up with the help of the Humane Society to OSU veterinarian center to do an autopsy on the dogs,” said Opgrande. “To find out what exactly happened.”

Edwards has since bonded out of the county jail and now faces two felony cruelty to animal charges.