OKLAHOMA CITY - An Air Quality Alert has been issued Wednesday for the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area due to expected high concentrations of ozone. 

The National Weather Service issued the alert due to Ozone levels which over the course of the day will approach points of concern. There are some people who may be at higher risk than others during these advisories including those with lung or heart disease or asthma.

Air pollution is known to contribute to high levels of ozone.

Unhealthy levels may have a variety of effects including throat irritation, coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, or increased risk of respiratory infection.

Things you can do to reduce ozone formation and your exposure include: carpooling or public transit, limiting idling time or use of drive thru windows, and waiting until the evening to refuel your vehicle or mow your lawn.

For hourly updates on concentrations and possible health warnings, contact the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality at (405) 702-4100.

For more information on health effects, call the American Lung Association of Oklahoma at (405) 748-4674.