Two women have been locked up in Payne County after investigators found two stolen vehicles at the 51 Motel Saturday morning.

Police say they followed a blood trail to a room where 37-year old Amanda Sahara Burhans and 29-year old Kallea Renea Cowie were staying.

Officers say a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Fusion were recovered and belong to Prescott Motors. The other four vehicles are still missing. The owner says he discovered his vehicles had been stolen after driving past the lot, seeing one-third of his inventory had vanished.

“I went into the office and opened the door and looked to the right and saw glass all over my floor and on some of my furniture,” says Owner Foster Prescott.

Prescott says thieves had thrown a battery through a window of his dealership office, and then grabbed the lockbox with all the keys inside.

He says blood was left inside the shop, and in the parking lot. Even more terrifying, the leftover keys thieves didn’t take were found in an alleyway and scattered through the parking lot.

“The inventory that they took were certainty the most valuable stuff I have,” says Prescott.

Officers say the motel sits only three blocks from the car dealership, and that the blood evidence found on the car and at 51 Motel don’t match either suspect in custody.

“We know that there are other people involved. So, we are still working that case and we are still looking for four vehicles,” says Stillwater Police Captain Kyle Gibbs.

Gibbs says it took less than two hours after police got the call before the first vehicles were found.

Damage totals are estimated at close to $40,000.

Prescott says he had to pay for a locksmith to come and secure the rest of his vehicles.

“We were afraid that they were going to come back. So, we had to disarm all the rest of the cars,” Prescott said.

He says other dealerships have donated replacement keys to the vehicles to help turn his luck around.

Still it’s a huge hit to his business.

“I would beg them to just let me have my stuff back, and it will all be over,” Prescott said.

Descriptions of the four vehicles that are still missing:

Dark Green 2001 Chevrolet Suburban SUV with Oklahoma tag AUW-815, VIN last 7 digits/…J286325

Black 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup with used dealer tag UD4850, VIN last 7 digits/…J161228

Dark Gray 2009 Cadillac CTS-V 4-door with Oklahoma tag IGT-815, VIN last 7 digits/…0110739

Black 2008 Chevrolet Impala 4-door with Oklahoma tag BYW-790, VIN last 7 digits/…9S88629

Anyone with information about this case or the vehicles is asked to call the Stillwater Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit at 405-372-4171.