OKLAHOMA CITY - After an 82-year-old woman was killed by two dogs last year, Oklahoma City vowed to keep better tabs on dangerous dogs.

Since August of last year, 43 dogs have been added to the city's new dangerous or menacing dog registry.

Animal welfare says it helps to know where these animals are when responding to calls.

A judge has to deem a dog dangerous and that's where the challenge lies.

Animal Welfare says folks often are reluctant to complain about a neighbor and to potentially testify in court.

“A lot of people want to be the good neighbor and keep neighborly things open. That eventually might end up putting them in danger,” said Lyne Huffman with OKC Animal Welfare.

Animal Welfare had been called before about the dogs that mauled Terri Cosby this weekend.

A ticket was given out for failure to confine the animal, but the case never ended up in front of a judge who can decide to remove a dog from a home.

“If you are truly afraid of the dogs in your neighborhood, be willing to stand up and go to court,” said Huffman.