An overnight home invasion near Penn Square Mall lands one man in jail after ramming a police officer and a wild chase through the metro.

The police chase ended in Midwest City with the suspect driving off a steep embankment and into a creek near Northeast 10th Street and Midwest Boulevard. 

According to police, the driver Tad Bray had plenty of reason to run. He reportedly stole a car from a 71-year-old man Thursday night. Armed with a gun, Bray allegedly followed the victim into his home, and tied the victim up before stealing his car.

Hours later OKC Police spotted the vehicle in Arcadia. Bray refused to stop, leading police on a cat and mouse chase all over the metro and into Luther. Desperate to get away, Bray rammed a Luther Police Officer head on, injuring the officer. 

Bray continued to flee into Midwest City where he was arrested after his crash into the creek. 

Police said a female passenger and a dog were also inside the car. The woman is not facing charges.

Officials said the 71-year-old victim was not injured. Bray is facing several charges to include running from police.