ARAPAHO, Oklahoma - A Custer County fourth grader is proving to be quite the marketing genius in his ability to raise money to fight childhood cancer. 

Jax Sealey is a normal kid with extraordinary passion. 

"He has just a heart of gold and has sympathy, and just likes friends, and he just likes people, and I'm very proud of that," said Jax's mom, Java Parker. 

When another child of a close family friend died recently from cancer, Jax set up money jars at convenience stores in Butler and Arapaho. He also went door asking for donations for St. Jude's Children's Hospitals. He has raised more than $13,000. 

Jax scored another grand smashing and recycling tin cans. 

"And then my mom had a Facebook page for me, and that page I had cans for cures, and people started blowing up her Facebook account and saying we got cans," said Sealey. 

Neither Jax Sealy nor his mom were looking for attention. But he will be honored May 9ths, and Arapaho-Butler Elementary School.