A caravan of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in our country are now camping at our border, I believe organizers hoped for the standoff to force the President's hand, and the video of children camping out with their parents supercharges the emotions there.

Here's what you had to say about it:

Anita first: "100% agree ... it breaks my heart how ruthless people will use children to further their agenda…"

Gary from Seminole, "Liberals and Liberal Media doing their usual "anti-Trump movement" caused this particular situation to boil."

Mattie from Davis argues, "The idea that we in the USA have the right to deny rescue and sanctuary to those seeking it is arrogant and entitled."

Brian from Midwest City seemingly agreed with my question saying, “If they were simply seeking asylum, why did they have to seek it only from the U.S.? Why not Mexico or another country?"

Ken writes, "Mexico allowed these people into their country knowing that these people did not have visas to enter the United States. The living conditions of these immigrants falls to Mexico not the United States."

Ann from Del City, "People coming here hoping to be taken in and taken care of and at the same time we have our own citizens living in very similar conditions."

Finally, Pama from Mustang says, "The USA has to draw a line somewhere. This seems like a great time."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.