A very difficult situation is developing in Tijuana, Mexico. 

A caravan of asylum seeking migrants from Central America have arrived at our Southern Border, and say they'll stay there until they're allowed into the United States.

Most claim their lives were in danger in Guatemala, Honduras or whatever country they left.

But if it were simply that, why travel all the way to our country? The migrants trekked 4-thousand miles across Mexico and could have sought asylum there. 

President Trump is standing his ground, telling the migrants to go back home, and telling Mexico it needs to do more to stop illegal immigration.

But the network video from the Tijuana crossing shows small children running through a makeshift concrete campground, and nearly 200-people hunkered down under tarps determined to wait it out until their asylum cases can be heard.

Those are tough images to get out of your head, and it seems to me this is just the kind of standoff some of the caravan organizers hoped for.

I mean there were American lawyers there waiting for the migrants to arrive at the border and coach them through the asylum process.

Trying to send them back home is a complicated matter but allowing them automatic entry while their cases are considered sends a green light to others waiting to make the trek.

I'd put some serious heat on Mexico to shut down these caravans to start.

How would you handle it? 

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.