OKLAHOMA CITY - Bob West heard some rustling outside his door over the weekend and went outside to find a stranger sitting on the steps of his front porch.

“I ask him, ‘Hey, you need some help? What are doing here? Why are you here? Can I call somebody?’ I don’t know this guy from Adam,” West told News 9.

He said the man was mumbling and became belligerent so he told him to leave.

Eventually, West said he went in to get his gun and showed it to the man. But the man refused to leave.

“So I came back, got my phone, dialed 911 and when I turned around, he was inside the door,” West said. “So I pointed it at him. I said, ‘You got to get out.’”

Then the suspect reportedly started taunting him.

“He kept like, wanting to fight or something like, ‘Come on man, come on.’ And I’m like, ‘This isn’t a fight. This isn’t funny. I’m going to shoot you.’”

Oklahoma City Police arrived soon after and arrested 27-year-old Caleb McClure. Police said he had a bottle of cheap vodka on him that had been opened.

After this wild ordeal, West says he's glad no one got hurt.

“I didn’t have to and he gets to live another day and he’s going to regret this tomorrow. Well maybe he won’t. But at least he gets to think about it,” West said.

McClure is listed as a transient in the police report. His bond was set at $10,000.