LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Lincoln County mother accused of murdering her infant son has been charged with the crime, Monday. 

Investigators said the child's father discovered the injuries. Prosecutors said any crime involving a child is difficult. In this case the child suffered multiple traumatic injuries, allegedly at the hands of his mother. 

Amber Ford appeared in court Monday morning, awaiting possible first degree murder charges after her four-month-old son died earlier this month inside their Agra home.

"The child had a combination; he had a head injury, a severe hematoma near the front of his skull, he had multiple rib fractures, including acute rib fracture and fractures in various stages of healing and he had injuries to his pancreas and soft tissue injuries in his neck," said Adam Panter, First Assistant District Attorney Lincoln County. 

Investigators said the baby was found with injuries by his father, sometime after they were inflicted. Once interviewed, prosecutors said the child's mother Amber Ford admitted to inflicting various injuries.