CHANDLER, Oklahoma - A Snapchat from Chandler has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The photo posted Wednesday featured photo of a black student, saying the student is, “for auction,” along with a racial slur and Confederate flag image.

After a concerned community member posted the image to Facebook, it quickly spread on social media, leaving some in Chandler sickened.

“It blew up, like real fast. It was all over Twitter, all over Facebook and everything,” recent Chandler High School Graduate Bekah Thompson said.

Ironically, the Snapchat was taken during a school performance encouraging positive peer relationships.

The student who took the photo was in the audience, the student in the photo was on stage, performing a “Positive Peers” skit. 

“That is probably one of the saddest things any person in Chandler has ever done to another student,” Thompson said.

As students and former students talked, the district took action. 

A statement to News 9 reads:

“Chandler Public Schools experienced a deeply disturbing incident on Wednesday (April 25th). During Positive Peers school assembly a student snapchatted a picture of another student who was acting out a role designed specifically for educating students regarding the importance of positive peer relationships. The student also included with the picture highly alarming language that was hateful and demeaning. This behavior is not representative of Chandler Public Schools, its staff members or its students. The District has no tolerance for hateful depictions and captions regarding any students and has and will continue to address this unacceptable, despicable behavior whenever it occurs. In addition, district officials will lean in with an even greater emphasis on educating students regarding no tolerance for actions or words that threaten, harass or bully others because of color.

No details of the districts disciplinary action toward the student responsible for this behavior can be made available due to federal and state law that require confidentiality. The student responsible for this behavior is not at school.

Our deepest apologies are extended to the student who was the victim of this shameful behavior by another student. As a district we will do our utmost to support this student and the student’s family in standing against actions and speech that hurts and belittles other individuals.”