Salt Lake City, Utah - The first two games in Utah didn’t work out, so Oklahoma City has one last chance to win one in Utah. If they do, the reward is playing the Jazz again back home.

Utah has the home court edge, but you wonder how much the last game will be in their minds, giving up a 25-point lead.

Paul George and Russell Westbrook helped orchestrate the comeback, but they need everyone to play well Friday night.

It’s potentially the last game of the year, just like Game 5, it’s expected PG and Russell will play a bunch of minutes to keep the season alive.

Westbrook is optimistic.

“In the playoffs, you gotta [sic] be able to win on the road, if you want to win the series. We know what we gotta [sic] do.

“For us it’s a second elimination game and you got to obviously hold your ground play and compete, but you also have to control your emotions and be able to execute, and I think a lot of times when your unable to control your emotions, it becomes very difficult to execute,” said Coach Billy Donovan.

No doubt Utah will be physical and will do all they can to get Oklahoma City frustrated, very similar to what we saw in the last game in Utah.