CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The uncle of a man who died in the Cleveland County Jail is asking the court to protect video footage that could be critical to future legal action.

Marconia Kessee's uncle wants to preserve any video that documents the time leading up to and following his nephew's death. The video taken in January shows officers ordering Kessee to leave the hospital. 

"You can stop with the show," while the other comments, "It ain't fooling a single person, I can tell you that."

Norman Police said Norman Regional Hospital staff called 911 on Kessee after he refused to leave while trying to negotiate for narcotics. However, his family argues Kessee was suffering a medical episode that led to his death after the hospital and police failed to get him the help he needed. 

Kessee died in jail two hours later -after police escorted him out of the hospital.

Michael C. Washington, Kessee's uncle is petitioning the court to require Norman Regional and the Sheriff's office to preserve videos of his treatment and care at those facilities.