OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Senate passed a $7.5 billion spending plan Wednesday morning by a vote of 36 - 8.

The budget proposal passed out of committee Tuesday and actually provides increases for agencies that have seen dramatic cuts in recent years. 

The $7.5 billion plan provides more money for DHS services, mental health and substance abuse, career tech and state operating agencies.  It also includes that 11 percent increase for education funding that was passed during the teacher walkout. 

That increase paves the way for $6,000 raises for teachers and a pay raise for state employees.

Department heads say they're appreciative of the added money, but many are still operating with limited staff and programs, which was something lawmakers brought up Tuesday.

This budget still has a long way to go. After being passed in the Senate, it now heads to the House, where many changes could be made. But party leaders on both sides of the aisle have said they expect to be officially done with this year's session by the end of next week.