OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman is pleading from her hospital bed to catch a man who she says literally ran her over. 

Regina Kutchfar said last Friday afternoon around 1:30 p.m., she had just paid for gas at a convenience store across the street from Oklahoma City Community College. 

Kutchfar said she was knocked down from behind by a silver sedan that was backing out of a parking space. She said the hit-and-run driver then sped away, running over her again. Those collisions she said shattered her right arm, and broke three of her ribs. “And he tried to leave! When I was on the ground!” she said. 

The store clerk who was on duty last Friday said he didn’t see anything, and doesn’t know if there is surveillance video, or if police have it. Police said they are investigating. Kutchfar is disabled, and lost her husband to cancer 8 years ago. 

She doesn’t know what she’s going to do. “I didn’t do nothing to him. I don’t deserve this,” she said.