NORMAN, Oklahoma - An educational research center at OU is out to show that educational video games can be more effective than classroom learning.

The K20 Center has put out 14 educational video games aimed at high school juniors and seniors.

One is called "Mind Your Own Budget." It presents situations a new college graduate will face. Each situation costs time, money and impacts your comfort level that has to be maintained.

“We try to do that in a real world setting, where students can see what they are learning and how it applies to the real world,” said Ph.D. Scott Wilson, Director of Innovative Learning at the K20 Center.

Mind Your Own Budget is being used by Oklahoma schools to fulfill their financial literacy curriculum.

K20 just got back from New York where is did a presentation on “Mind Your Own Budget” to other education leaders.

K20 has produced educational video games available to all Oklahoma students, whether they are in a traditional school, charter school or are being home schooled.

“The Detective Verona” is about information literacy and how to judge fact from fiction based in the “Romeo and Juliet” universe.

“In the classroom, it’s not okay to have the wrong answer. In the game, it’s okay to fail. That's an opportunity to learn,” said Wilson.

Each video presents a different problem-solving situation for users.

If you’d like to start playing, follow the instructions on this K20 flyer: