OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man has threatened to sue the City after a police officer shot at his dog. Police released the officer’s body camera video of the April 13 shooting on Tuesday.

“They didn’t have no business shooting at my dog,” said Ronald Moore, dog owner. “What if they had killed my dog?”

Moore said his 4-year-old German Rottweiler, Foxy Brown, is his protection in a dangerous neighborhood.

“I’ve been fighting gang members since December of last year,” said Moore.

He now plans to fight the City over a shooting at his home nearly two weeks ago. 

Sergeant Marvin Smith was responding to a trouble unknown call at Moore's home. As he is leaving the home, Moore's beloved dog broke through the wooden fence and ran after Sgt. Smith. In a split second, Sgt. Smith fired his gun three times at the dog.

The uninjured dog ran under the home.

Sgt. Smith immediately lost his footing, fell to the street, and radioed for help.

A number of officers arrived at the home to what they said was a belligerent homeowner.

‘It was a bunch of police officers,” said Moore. “About seven or eight police cars out there. They handcuffed me a bunch of times.”

Police said Moore was carrying a bag with a hatchet inside. He eventually walked away from his home and was not arrested.

Animal control was also called out to the scene, but never took the dog.

Police said Sgt. Smith's quick actions kept him safe.

“The officer had almost no time at all to quickly defend himself,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. ‘To ward off the dog from his attack.”

Sgt. Smith was taken to the hospital for his injuries from the fall. Police said the injuries were not serious.