CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A urinalysis specimen collector out of El Reno was arrested on five counts of sexually battery after allegedly assaulting some of his own drug court clients.

Canadian County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 56-year-old Paul Compton on Wednesday. The investigation that first began back in September 2017, when the sheriff’s office received complaints regarding inappropriate behavior by Compton.

Compton worked for Innovative Court Solutions (ICS), collecting urine samples for drug and alcohol testing for Canadian County drug court. Clients in the program are required to report weekly for testing.

According to the investigation, authorities said Compton engaged in inappropriate conversation with female clients, which eventually led to unwanted physical contact and groping. During the investigation, detectives seized Compton’s phone and laptop, and uncovered multiple graphic text messages and photographs that investigators say he sent to the victims.

In one particular message, investigators say Compton talked about wanting to have sex with one of the women in his office and included a picture of the office.

“By dumping Compton’s phone and computer we were able to substantiate several of the allegations made by the drug court clients, said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

Compton was arrested at his home in Yukon just before noon on Wednesday. He was booked into the Canadian County Jail on five counts of Sexual Battery by a Public Employee or Contractor. Bond was set at $100,000 and authorities say he has already bonded out.