The University of Oklahoma is responding to criticism from students who say they need the services of a mental health clinic on campus that is set to close in less than a month.

OU announced last August that it would be closing the OU Counseling Psychology Clinic in May.

Since the announcement; reports, including a high profile expose from the campus newspaper, The OU Daily, revealed long wait times at OU's Goddard Health Center for mental health with nearly 1 psychologist for every 4000 students.

The closure of the counseling clinic has been controversial with some students calling it unacceptable and "a punch to the gut."

Late last week OU President David Boren said the university would hire one additional psychologist to bring to the Goddard Health Center.

He issued a statement saying in part:

"The health and safety of our students must always be our first concern. This includes providing adequate mental healthcare…"

Boren went on to say that the search for the new psychologist would start immediately.

The OU Counseling Clinic is set to close May 10th.