OKLAHOMA CITY - In this News 9 Flashback video, former First Lady Barbara Bush visited Oklahoma City on March 25, 1992. Former News 9 reporter Deborah Lauren has the story.


Her Oklahoma visit that day took her to the Community Literacy Center, a site of her favorite project. Bush got a taste of how the center is helping adults learn how to read and write. Take Chris Horn for example. He came to the center after his niece was reading bedtime stories to herself when he couldn't for her.

"Can you read to your niece now?" Bush asked him.

"Yes," Horn replied.

"That's great. Bet she's proud of you," the First Lady answered.

"Yes, it's opened up a new world," he said.

When the center prepared to present Bush an award for her fight against illiteracy, she had other plans.

"Let me say: I think the awards should go the other way," Bush said.

She went on to praise the students for their courage to change their lives and spoke of even the president overcoming his own barriers to learn to use computers.