OKLAHOMA CITY - Police want to get a dangerous robbery suspect off the streets. The brazen suspect is accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Hotel 2 Suites in southwest Oklahoma City.

Surveillance video at the hotel caught the suspect walking into the lobby about 20 minutes before the robbery. He was also seen walking through the hotel parking lot where police say he robbed a female hotel guest.

“The victim explained that she was outside her vehicle getting into her trunk,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “That’s when the suspect approached her and put a gun against her neck.”

The armed suspect pushed the woman to the ground, threatened to shoot her and asked how much money she had.  

“She ended up giving him her purse,” said Morgan. “Which had her cell phone in it as well as other personal belongings.”

A hotel guest sitting in his car heard the woman scream, and then saw the suspect running with a purse and jump into a gold SUV. The witness took several pictures of the getaway car, which police say was stolen.

Investigators were able to locate the stolen car at a metro apartment complex by using the tracking device in the woman's cell phone.

“And unfortunately, did not lead the investigating officers any closer to the suspect,” said Morgan.

Police consider the suspect armed and dangerous. They want to track him down before he commits another crime.

The victim said she was not hurt but very frightened. She was only here for work and planned to leave the city on Friday.