OKLAHOMA CITY - A West Reno Avenue furniture store that closed down unexpectedly a week ago has left an untold number of customers holding the bag. 

Customers tell News 9 they have each spent hundreds—even thousands of dollars—at ‘Home Outlet” at 3801 West Reno over the past month. They said they never received their furniture.

“They were completely stocked with everything in the store. Mattresses, bunk beds, everything.  Now it’s just like overnight they left,” said jilted customer Destiny Foster. 

“Home Outlet’s” Landlord said he’s as surprised as everyone else about the situation. He encourages customers who have been wronged to file an Oklahoma City Police report by dialing 405-231-2121.  He also encourages them to file reports with the Central Oklahoma Better Business Bureau. 

The BBB says “Home Outlet” has an “F” rating—which is the worst possible—with the Better Business Bureau. 

The BBB’s Sean Rose also encourages victims who paid for their furniture with a credit card, to call their credit card company immediately, because credit card companies will go after “Home Outlet” as well.