OKLAHOMA CITY - After two critically-important and impressive road wins at Houston and Miami, the Thunder looks primed for the playoffs.

In the 4th quarters, Thunder outscored Houston 28-19, and outscored Miami by 27 points at 39-12.

With Utah's 40-point massacre of Golden State ending minutes ago, the Thunder's Round 1 playoff opponent is all but certain. 

If OKC beats woeful Memphis as expected, they'll meet the streaking Jazz in Round 1, beginning Saturday or Sunday.

We'll know who has valuable homecourt advantage Wednesday night.  

Russ grabbed 18 rebounds in Monday night's 25th triple-double. He needs 16 Wednesday for a consecutive triple-double season.

A refreshed Melo was productive in both road wins and told News 9, he respects Russ and loves playing with the “Lion”.

"They always say lions hang with lions and that's something I truly believe, and you gravitate to that. You don't see a lion going to hang with a puma or a rhino, like you don't see those animals hanging together. Lions hang with lions, I think that was one of the reasons why we gravitated toward one another just his approach to the game, his mindset to the game, his focus and him wanting to win. he would do whatever he had to do to go out there and win. And that's something that I think that I've come to love about him and being able to go to war with him every night, day in and day out.”