OKLAHOMA CITY - Gov. Mary Fallin signed three bills impacting education funding, including House Bill 1012XX, which repealed of the “Hotel-Motel Tax”, going against one of the demands of the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA).

The Hotel-Motel tax was a part of the original budget plan. The House passed the original deal as-is, but the Senate only agreed to do so if it was repealed. A repealer was then added in the House, which the governor signed. The tax was estimated to generate $50 million to education funding.

OEA has always been against the repeal of the Hotel-Motel tax, because they say no other revenue source was added to the budget bill to replace the lost funds.

Fallin signed the overall budget plan on Thursday, April 5.

The governor also signed into law the “Ball & Dice” bill, HB 3375, which allows casinos to use roulette and dice games. This bill could generate an estimated $22 million for education in the first year.

Additionally, Fallin signed HB 1019XX, or the “Amazon Tax” bill. This bill is estimated to bring in $20.5 million in education funding.

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