OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City attorney David Holt was sworn in as the 36th mayor of Oklahoma City Tuesday morning.

Holt, 39, is the first new mayor in 14 years. He is an Oklahoma City native, a member of the Osage Nation and was a state senator from District 30. 

Holt was elected to office on Feb. 13 after he beat Taylor Neighbors and Randall Smith. 

Holt was sworn in by Oklahoma County Commissioner Willa Johnson, who represented Ward 7 of the Oklahoma City Council for 14 years before her tenure as a county commissioner. 

"I think we've a remarkable unity over the last 25 years, but I think there are many things that could divide us: certainly national, political forces threaten to do that everyday. I wanted to double down on unity. I wanted to double down on the idea that we can set aside our differences and find a common purposes," Holt said during his swearing in ceremony. "That will be my theme moving forward every day of the next four years, that we can move together as one OKC and that our brightest days still lie ahead if we do so."

According to his website, Holt ran on the campaign promises to: 

  • Maintain improvements in streets, transit & infrastructure
  • Continue to invest in police and fire protection
  • Promote an environment for job growth
  • Sustain our commitment to improving quality of life through MAPS & other initiatives
  • Work together to support public education in OKC
  • Incorporate the diversity of our city in decision-making

Holt also talked about a change he made in the mayor's conference room. Originally, the conference room was filled with pictures of the former mayors of Oklahoma City. Now, the conference room houses pictures of children from Oklahoma City who are demographically representative of children in Oklahoma City.

"We decided we wanted something a little more forward-looking," Holt said. "That is a different look than many of us are used to because we live in our own little bubbles but that's who we are doing this for. I wanted those kids to look down on us as we sat in that conference room and we made decisions we are going to make in the coming year."

Former Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett announced he would be running for Oklahoma governor and would not be running for reelection.