OKLAHOMA CITY - Every time the Senate made a decision you could hear either cheers or boos from the teachers, but ultimately, they left Friday disappointed. 

The OEA said teachers will return to the Capitol Monday, thanks to the hotel motel tax being repealed by the Senate Friday.

But that isn’t the only issue. 

The OEA president said the teachers she represents also want capital gains passed in order to go back to the classroom satisfied.

Teachers told News 9 they are in this for as long as it takes and while they appreciate the ball and dice and Amazon funds, it just isn’t enough for the classroom. Therefore, not enough to end the walkout.

“Now it’s time for them to act on something so that we can get on with going back to school if that’s what it takes or knowing that we’re going to be here longer,” said OEA President Alicia Priest.

When this walkout will end - is pretty unclear. Many legislators say what the OEA wants just won’t get done this year. And the OEA won’t specify how much funding from capital gains would need to go to toward education.

Watch full press conference with Alicia Priest below: