OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers, supporters and lawmakers are looking at every revenue option as possible help for education.

Come June 26, voters will decide on another one. That's when medical marijuana, known as State Question 788, will appear on the ballot.

Supporters think it could mean a big turnout number for the primary election. Whether to legalize medical marijuana is the only state question on the ballot in June.

“I think you are going to have teachers, supporters and educators that are going to be more politically active than they have been in the past,” said State Representative John Paul Jordan.

Representative Jordan authored House Bill 3468. It states that 75 percent of excess medical marijuana sales tax revenue, after the cost of regulation has been paid, will go to education.

Jordan said typically, states with Medical Marijuana haven't seen excess revenue until the second year.

“Typically, the first year it struggles, the second year and the third year it grows. That's what we saw in Colorado. That's what we've seen in New Mexico, California, Oregon and those other states that have legalized medical marijuana,” said Jordan.