OKLAHOMA CITY - For several educators at the Capitol, the teacher walkout feels familiar.

Nancy Rogers was a Yukon High School teacher during the 1990 walkout, and still works there as a counselor.

Her sign this week reads, “My sign in 1990: ‘My students deserve better and so do I.’ 2018: Same Message! Fund Education.”

“I’ve gotten lots of comments on my sign, lots of looks on Facebook,” Rogers said. 

Rogers says compared to the last walkout this one is much bigger 

“There are a lot more parents out here, coming out to support us, which we really do appreciate, and I’m so very proud of all the students that have come out here as well,” Rogers said. 

Along with having more people, this walkout will probably take more time than the last one.

Hefner Middle School educator Stan Bryant was at the last rally.

“It went on four days. It was a little easier because we were working on one bill, House Bill 117, which was a massive reform bill,” Bryant said. 

On four this time around, with numerous bills up still in the air, Bryant is urging his peers not to give up.

“They’ve got to stick with it. It’s tough but they’ve got to stick with it,” Bryant said.

Sign in hand, Rogers has similar advice for young educators. 

“Don’t give up on Oklahoma. We’re going to work this out. We need you here. Keep fighting. It’s a cause worth fighting for,” Rogers said.